Alaska Trip – April 25, Day 3



All the best laid plans of mice and women sometimes don’t come to pass. I had hoped to be able to write here each evening after setting up camp, but tonight is the first time I’ve had wi-fi, and a phone signal.

MONDAY, Day 1, we drove from Pinellas County, Florida to camp at St. George’s State Park, on a long barrier island off the coast of  Apalachicola, Florida. The park is pretty, set in a pine hammock surrounded by sand dunes and sea oats. It is a birder’s paradise, and we saw many of them with their huge cameras and tripods seeking out the perfect photo. I was disappointed that I could not get a signal to be able to write. The stars were spectacular away from city lights. We could easily make out the Milky Way. Outside of the State park area, the island was crowded with houses and condos, but the park was totally unadulterated.

TUESDAY, Day 2, we drove on through Panama City, Pensacola, and Mobile, Alabama to camp near there at Escatawpa Hollow Campground which had come recommended by a lady at a hardware store where we stopped to buy some nuts and bolts. We were greeted by a most cordial campground manager who escorted us to our choice of campsites in a dense forest beside a lovely river. We were the ONLY people in the park. The area had endured a severe flood recently, and the whole place had been under three feet of water. Yesterday, however, it was perfect. I do wish I had the ability to post photos today. Perhaps when we get closer to a big city (which I don’t want to do) I will have the technology to share. At this campground we had neither phone nor any internet signal at all.

TODAY, WEDNESDAY, April  25th, we drove on through Hattiesburg, Columbia, McComb, and Natachez, Mississippi on US 98. We crossed the Mississippi River at Natchez. They were working on one side of an old huge metal bridge.


Tom took photos. Right now we are camped at a private campground near Natchitoches, Louisiana. Adequate, but nothing more.

So far, we enjoyed Mississippi the most. It is a very beautiful state when seen off the interstates… long rolling hills covered covered with pines and sweet gum trees.

Our goal in driving this trip was to travel OFF the Interstates, and, for the most part we have succeeded. We input our next destination into our Garmin navigator, and she directed us perfectly along good highways which passed through picturesque towns.

Well, Tom and Jack are already sacked out, so I’d better stop here before I lose all I’ve written. The nights are cool, so we have sleeping bags at the ready, just in case. Good night!

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