Welcome to my website!

… occasional devotional thoughts about the Lord Jesus Christ,

… progress on my current journey in the publishing field,

… in summer, updates about life here in Alaska, moose, wilderness, and fish.

… in winter, enjoying mild weather and tropical breezes in Florida

Some background is in order…

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My Novel, the working title is St. Anne’s:

Ten years ago I completed a novel, and I was working toward publication when the exigencies of caring for my elderly stepfather and my mother put an abrupt halt to my writing efforts. I stuck the manuscript on a shelf for nine years and turned to the really important work God set before me then. Now, both my mother and step-father have passed on to be with the LORD, so I have returned to editing and doing the prerequisite work to publish St. Anne’s?


I love to write Christian devotionals about God’s amazing grace. They come from my morning quiet time meditations. I covet your input on these devotionals, because the insight of other believers is very important. Iron sharpens iron!


My husband and Jack, the Iggy dog spend summers near Soldotna/Kenai Alaska. I like to share our small portion of God’s beautiful land and our daily wildlife visits with people who have never been to Alaska and people who miss seeing a place they left.

We often are asked, “How did you guys end up in Alaska?” In 1999 we flew up on a vacation, rented an RV and drove around the state. We ended up on the Kenai Peninsula, and Tom was able to fish for salmon. That was it. We were hooked. We bought a lot that week, and subsequent years we gradually built a little house. I will be posting a little about that adventure from time to time.


We live on the west coast in the Tampa Bay area. The winters here are a bit like the summers in Alaska. Warm sun…cool breezes. My husband Tom and I are involved in a more urban set of activities here — big church, lots of social interaction groups, a small town lot with grass to cut, an old house that requires regular of maintenance, and considerably more stress.

Why did I send you this link to my website?

Tom and I treasure the friendships we have made with people in Florida and Alaska, in neighborhoods, Bible Studies, dog walks, music organizations, work projects, writing groups, schools, and churches. I hope you will allow me to continue to reach out to you for your advice on my website and technical stuff, your critique of my writing, your prayers that I stay on track glorifying the Lord.

I am so grateful for your feedback.