Alaska Trip Eve, April 22, 2018


Well, the camper is loaded, lowered, and buttoned up. Tom is outside now scrubbing the pollen and city grime from the exterior. Time is short! We plan to leave tomorrow morning early to beat rush hour traffic on US 19 to Apalachicola.


We have been packing what clothes we need for our trip into fish boxes. The clothes  will stay in Alaska, but we will fill these same boxes with salmon, halibut, and ling cod, and the well-used boxes will make yet another trip to Florida in the belly of an Alaska plane. (Alaska Airlines understands like no other how precious our fish cargo is to us!)

Jack knows something’s up. He has been sniffing all the boxes and bags, whining for attention, not wanting me to ignore him to write this. 20180422_143340.jpg

We plan to camp tomorrow night in Apalachicola, so I’m not too worried about snow…yet. We have to cross the Rockies eventually though, so please pray with me that it will have melted by the time we do that. Alaska has been warmer and less snowy than the lower 48 this year. That’s good.

In fact, God is good…all the time!



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