April 18, 2018 Alaska Drive Prep

Four days and counting…. then it’s goodbye, Florida. Alaska, here we come. We’re watching the frigid weather carefully. All that snow up north makes me nervous, but if it snows, we’ll stop until it melts.

[For earlier posts about the Alaska Adventure go to March 23, 2018 Alaska Plans and March 27, 2018 Alaska Adventure.]


A couple of weeks ago, we set up our little Flagstaff pop-up camper in the front yard and started getting ready for our 5500 miles trip to Alaska. We cleaned it, painted what needed painting, bought a new battery, new propane tank, and new tires.

  • 20180418_144838.jpg Here is our little camper.  Folded down it’s teeny, and tracks like there’s nothing behind the car. Inside, it’s pretty roomy. It has heat, AC, heated mattress (wired like electric blankets) two big wing beds, a dining table, great for cards on a rainy day, little fridge, microwave, the outside stove that we can take inside if the weather’s bad. We removed the water tank to make more storage space under a settee. There’s a tiny kitchen sink, but no bathroom or shower facilities. Nowadays, pretty much all campgrounds have bathhouses.

To prepare our Jeep, we put on new tires, new brakes, pads, and changed all the belts20180418_144854.jpg and hoses. There are very long desolate stretches of highway  British Columbia or the Yukon. The car is a 2009, but only has around  69,000 miles on it, so it should be fine.

Plans are great, but I want to remember, “The horse is armed against the day of battle, but safety is of the LORD.”

So, we covet your prayers as we undertake this adventure.






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