March 23, 2018 Alaska Plans

This summer Tom and I plan to drive for the second time to Alaska.

The first time…

… was in 2001, right after we bought our property. We needed to have a place to live while we started building our little house in Soldotna. So, we drove our 1990 Chevy Astro van, hauling a Nomad trailer from Gulfport, Florida. This trailer was heavy, and it was slow going across the Rockies, and on the gravel roads of the Al-Can highway. We made in eleven days, poured our slab, and flew home to go back to work.

Astro with Nomad Camper
Road trip to Alaska in 2001


…we need another vehicle up there, so the PLAN is to drive our Jeep, haul a pop-up camper, go north, trying to stay off interstates as much as possible (’cause I hate them) camp across the panhandle of Florida, then head sort of diagonally toward Denver, then north up the east side of the Rockies (hoping to see Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and who knows?) north through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, then west into Alaska, southwest to Anchorage, loop around Cook Inlet to the Kenai Peninsula and our finally to our home in Soldotna. Whew!

I hope you will join me as I write the progress of our journey. More later…

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