Monday, March 19, 2018 -Meditation on Oak Leaves and Grace


On Saturday I raked Live Oak leaves. I had postponed this onerous task far too long. I blew piles of leaves with my blower and scooped them with a dustpan into black bags, over and over … 12 bags full. As I scooped, I meditated on God’s amazing design for Live Oak trees.

These trees are not deciduous, dropping all their leaves in the fall. Live Oak trees retain their leaves all year — hence the name. Then in the spring, when the sap rises, the new leaves actually push off  the old, dry, tattered leaves, so they become fresh and green.

God is transforming me in a similar way. Before salvation I had no power to get rid of my sinful ways, and even after salvation I did not quickly shed all my old, tattered sinful “leaves.” However, in God’s time, as His Holy Spirit rises in me, like sap in a Live Oak tree, God pushes off my old hurts, habits and hangups and  He re-grows better things in their place. It’s not a thing I can consciously do.  It’s all God’s amazing grace. Hallelujah!

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